CARTS, ATVs, RVs and More…

Play Cooler will allow you to

Increase net revenue by as much as $20,000/month (or MORE!!!)

  • 10 carts produce monthly net revenue of  $2,000 – $5,000
  • 20 carts produce monthly net revenue of  $4,000 – $10,000
  • 40 carts produce monthly net revenue of  $8,000 – $20,000

Build customer loyalty

  • Cooler and more comfortable golfers make happier more loyal customers
  • Golfers will play even on the hottest days if you offer the Play Cooler upgrade

Make your course stand out from the rest

  • Be the first in your area to promote Play Cooler
  • Promote on your web site to attract new customers
  • Awesome idea. Kept us cool on a warm day but didn't get us wet.

    Lisa A.Corona, Ca.
  • It was over 110 out and this made it feel like it was 80.  Will request this every time I play.

    Markus L.Palm Desert, Ca.
  • Loved that I could clean my clubs with the mist.

    Paul J.Temecula, Ca.
  • Played 36 holes and had it running the whole time. Helped keep me hydrated!!!

    Tim J.Las Vegas, NV.
  • Really cool how the nozzles are adjustable so I could direct the mist exactly where I wanted it.

    Pat S.Houston, Tx.
  • I want one for my own cart and ATV.

    Butch K.Palm Springs, Ca.
  • Well worth the $10 upgrade.

    Kim L.Tuscon, Az

Happier Golfer - Build LoyaltyPerfect Mist - Keep Cool On The Golf Course

What makes Play Cooler different

Play Cooler

  • Atomized mist – cools without getting things wet
  • Custom valves – immediate fine mist
  • Filtration to prevent clogging for up to 6 months
  • No hard wiring or hard plumbing
  • Nominal 1.2 amp draw or less
  • Professional installation and no cost maintenance

Other Units

  • Too much water – gets everything wet
  • Nozzles drip, squirt
  • Nozzles can clog in a week or two
  • Hard wiring/plumbing required
  • Some units have 4+ amp draw
  • Do it all yourself

2017 Special

Pre-order 20 or more units and receive our premium leasing package that includes:

  • Professional installation
  • No cost – year round maintenance
  • System specification training
  • One month free
  • Lease fee due only during the warm/hot season but continue to use the systems all 12 months and earn more $$$$

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